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Well done! July 9, 2008

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Well done Sara for getting us started! You’re a star!

I hope you have all been good students and have started to put into practice some of the things we learnt last week and promised to do. I have and it is helping to make a difference… hard though to learn how to ‘free wheel’ when you’re not naturally used to it…

Can’t wait to read about all of our success stories – go girls/fab ladies!

Love Tracey – gamely paddling her own canoe xx


JFDI! June 27, 2008

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Excuse my French, ladies, but you know what I mean, don’t you? “Carpe diem”, perhaps would have been a more literary way of putting it. And if you still either haven’t got the acronym above or understood any of this drivel so far, think back to when I jumped over the line from the ‘Land of Ideas’ to the ‘Land of Action’ and remember what I made you all shout….. Geddit now? Well, here I am, ‘living it’. I got home from our inspiring training course about 45 minutes ago and I have set up our blog already. Do you like it? This can be our place for posting thoughts, questions, problems or issues that we’d like to throw out to our wonderful new network of fabulous ladies; or simply for shooting the breeze, telling jokes… It’s whatever we want it to be.

By the time you read this, I will hopefully have received all your email addresses which will have enabled me to register you all as contributors on the blog. You should therefore have a username and password unique to you, which enables you to log on and get posting. I will email instructions separately, but if you get stuck just drop me a line.

Just so you’re aware, this is actually a public blog, so we may find that people outside of the Fabulous Twelve find our site, like it and want to comment or join in. I think that’s cool, and I hope you do too.

Lots of love